Real-time Accounting

Let's keep it real time.

Have you lost a client because it took you another 2 hours to raise an invoice. 

How about that time when you were called to send a quote and you had to delay it till you get to the office? 

Guess what, if you and your competitor are pushing for the deal and they sent their invoice first, they are more likely to get in on the deal ahead of you.

Here are a few ways to keep your business as real-time as possible.

  1. Start by automating your internal communication process as much as possible. This will speed up how quickly you can get task done. Slack, Btrix23 and Trello works just fine.
  2. Move your business Accounting to cloud. Cloud accounting seems simple, but just like any other thing, if not properly setup, can turn things 
  3. Make sure you choose the right software. See post ..... for this.